Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's Back!

The HMH Exhibition Vise is back.

You asked for it, we listened. The Exhibition Vise has all the same great features as the HMH Standard - infinite head angle adjustment, ultra smooth 360ยบ rotary action, hand polished stainless steel chassis, smooth disc drag rotary tension adjustment, quick change jaw feature and pure good looks. We've dressed the Exhibition out with a finely polished, solid brass base and our large nickel plated cam lever.

We certainly don't stop there with this package. The Exhibition Vise comes complete with all three HMH jaws (Micro, Omni, and Magnum), our tube conversion tool (converts your vise into the best in-line rotary tube vise available), bobbin rest, profile plate, c-clamp and HMH tyer's tool bag. In other words, everything you need to tie any size, type and style of fly. The rest is up to you..


  1. Nice. Bright. Shiny.
    Looks like some very nice high-end upgrades to an already fantastic vise. I love my HMH Standard.

  2. Wonderful news! I bought my vise back in the mid 90'ties and it has the same finely polished, solid brass base. It didn't come with all the addons only the omni jaw, the bobbin rest and a bag designed specially to hold the vise with tools when traveling with the vise. The looks of the vise has changed a little to the better but the functions are all the same. I bought it since I was tying flies professionaly at that time. Since I bought it I have purchased the micro jaw and the magnum too because I tied sea trout and salmon flies also. More rescent I bought the micro jaw since I mostly enjoy tying and fishing tiny flies now. The vise works flawlessly so it was a really good investment especially because I got a special price of the guy in charge of the fly tying tools and tying material at that store. I bought it in the same store to which I exclusively sold my flies. I also got a good price buying everything that has to do with fly tying and fly fishing. Regarding the tube conversion tool I bought the prototype they had received from the HMH importer here in Sweden. So I got a good bargain buying that too before it hit the market. Now I don't tie flies professionally anymore since I'm retired of medical reasons. But I really enjoy tying flies on my HMH vise to myself and my friends. Right now I'm mostly tying tiny flies down to size #32 which is really a pleasure using the micro jaw. That one I bought directly from HMH. So it's a wonderful vise that I can recommend to anyone. Thanks for sharing this new information of the development at HMH.

    Have fun using a splendid vise tying flies,
    Mats Olsson, Sweden

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