Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An HMH forum member's post

At The Fly Shop

On a recent road trip with the wife I pulled off the freeway to fill up the car. I noticed a fly shop, so I told the wife I needed to take a driving break and stretch my legs.

Entering the shop I couldn't help but look over all of the vises on display. This fly shop has a great selection of vises. Several models of Dyna-King (I was gifted a used Dyna-King when a friend upgraded to more complicated model) at least four different Renzettis, and few other vises I never heard of. I think they were Peak, Apex, and Griffins? Doesn't matter, I can't remeber the names of the vises, but they had a great selection to say the least. Some of these vises looked like they were designed by Rube Goldberg. There were all kinds of attachments and gizmos. In any event, among these fine vises sat an HMH Standard and a Spartan.

Sitting right next to these other fine tools, the clean lines of the HMH, the seeming simplicity, the unmistakable quality, the sheer beauty, just took my breath away.

I did not think I needed another vise; but after seeing the HMH next to the "other guys" I haven't wanted anything as much as I now want an HMH in a long time.

So I guess I need a new vise after all.


  1. What is it about the fly tying vise? From the most inexpensive to those that can potentially cause seizures, the fly tying vise seems to appeal to all anglers. Maybe it's because almost anyone can sit down and create a fly that may very well catch fish. Now, should that vise been one of Bill Hunter's Limited Production Numbered Vises with Brass and Bronze shinning rays of "HMH," the writer might have gone into complete Fly Tying Arrest - a syndrome that continues to baffle the medical community and there isn't a pill for the short and long term effects. I further fear this may be a serious addition, one that a 12 step program hasn't been developed. Lord help me if my wife checks my GPS! Those 'Yellow' Way Point Flags are Fly Shops, Yes, even our car trip to Disney Land contained some interesting "yellow flag' detours... I think she's on to me...

    1. Well it's been a couple of years of intense recovery "Numbered Vise Shock" and Addiction. And as can be seen from the first entry, it screws up the simplest of tasks... 'Mouse Land' and catch one, there is some pretty interesting dubbing to be had. Without me selling, probably the only known quantity of Numbered Vises over the past 5 years... I put all on notice I wouldn't be digging any deeper in my Bill Hunter Numbered Vise or API Limited Edition Numbered Vise collection for those to ooggle my Vises on eBay... Now all that said, I'm thinking of dropping two more Low Number 1xx and 2x7 on the eBay Market... Yes, like all of mine, just Google Bill Hunter Numbered Vise and some of my eBay sales still pop up... They will be in Like New - Stone Cold Mint Condition... Price can cause Nose Bleeds... Two years since my last sale and No One Else has put one on for sale. I guess I'm the only one that has a 'Number' pun intended of Bill's and API's Limited Edition Numbered Vises... Get your Seizure Prescription Filled! And a Soft Place to Land might also be handy... Stay Tuned

  2. Might want to check your waypoints, because the the last time I checked Disneyland is one word, unless you came from Hunter's Mad House.