Tuesday, October 6, 2009

John's steelhead tube fly selection

As you can see, John from HMH has been busy tying tube flies for his upcoming steelhead trip...Look for future blog entries regarding John's trip to Washington state.

Tube flies lend themselves very well to steelhead flies for many reasons. We can vary the weight to tube flies simply by choosing what type of tube we tie on. Skaters and waking flies can be tied on plastic tubes such as the HMH Micro, cut-to-length or new Hybrid tubing - making the fly very light weight. Need to get down a little further in the water column? Try tying on aluminum or copper tubes. Want to put your fly right on the nose of a steely? Add a brass or tungsten cone to the head of your fly...

The advantages don't stop there. We can make conscious decision where we'd like to place the hook within the fly as well. If we want the hook closer to the head of the fly we'll choose or cut a short piece of tubing material combined with a short piece of hook holding junction tube (unless using our Hybrid tubing which acts as its own junction tube). If we want the hook to ride further back in the pattern we can choose a longer tube and/or junction tubing.

We can also tie big profile flies without having to use really large hooks. When using short shank hooks on any tube fly your landing ratio will increase dramatically compared to long shank convention hooks.

Bottle tube flies can be made using HMH tubing and components where the conehead helps support winging material as well as adds weight to the fly (I'll post a tutorial soon on HMH bottle style tubes).

With steelhead season almost in full swing (pun intended), tube flies should be part of the steelheaders arsenal.

If you have any questions about tube flies or any HMH products please don't hesitate to call us. We're always very eager to help.



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